Xmas Dash

35 players

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What is Xmas Dash?

Xmas Dash transports players into a winter wonderland filled with the magic of Christmas. Inspired by the beloved gameplay of Geometry Dash, this holiday-themed game casts players as Santa Claus in the form of a cube, embarking on a thrilling adventure across a complex map. Amidst the twinkling lights and snowy landscapes, players must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles, including sharp spikes, saw blades, and various types of terrain, all while embracing the festive spirit of Christmas Eve.

Rules of Xmas Dash

The rules of Xmas Dash are simple yet demanding: guide your character through treacherous terrain with flexible and precise movements, overcoming extreme challenges along the way. As players journey through the intricately designed stages, they'll encounter tall pillars and other dangers lurking amidst the snowy landscapes, testing their timing and reflexes to the fullest.

One of the unique mechanics of Xmas Dash is the ability for players to transform their character into a ship shape, allowing them to navigate through specific segments with specialized terrain. This adds an extra layer of strategy and skill to the gameplay, challenging players to adapt to different forms and obstacles as they progress through the game.


Xmas Dash delights players with its charming visuals, heartwarming holiday music, and adorable animals scattered throughout the stages. As players move to the beat of Christmas music produced by Alex, they'll find themselves immersed in a rhythmic adventure that tests their timing and reflexes at every turn. With each stage presenting new challenges and surprises, the fun never ends in Xmas Dash, offering players an endless supply of holiday cheer and excitement.

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