Geometry Jump Sketchy

130 players

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What is Geometry Jump Sketchy?

Geometry Jump Sketchy is a captivating addition to the Geometry Dash series, offering players a unique experience within the confines of a sketchbook. Colored pencils serve as obstacles in this creative realm, adding an artistic twist to the classic runner game. Players select their preferred geometrical shape, adjust their running speed, and navigate through the sketchy world by rotating and jumping to evade crayon obstacles.


The rules of Geometry Jump Sketchy revolve around the player's ability to control their chosen geometrical shape within the sketchbook. As you race through the pages, colored pencils, often represented by pointy ends of crayons, pose obstacles. The primary objective is to avoid colliding with these obstacles by clicking on the screen to rotate and jump when in close proximity. A single collision ends the race, prompting players to restart from the beginning. Since Geometry Jump Sketchy is an endless runner game, players can strive to advance as far as possible, with the score increasing based on completed levels and successful jumps.


  • Sketchbook Setting: Immerse yourself in a creative and visually appealing sketchbook setting. Geometry Jump Sketchy unfolds within the pages of a sketchbook, providing a unique and artistic backdrop for the game.

  • Colored Pencil Obstacles: Navigate through the sketchy world, where colored pencils act as obstacles. The pointy ends of crayons present challenges that players must skillfully evade through rotations and jumps.

  • Geometrical Shape Selection: Choose your preferred geometrical shape before embarking on the race. This feature adds a personalized touch to the gameplay, allowing players to navigate the sketchbook with their chosen shape.

  • Variable Running Speed: Set the pace of your run by adjusting the running speed. Whether you prefer a slower pace for precision or a faster one for an added challenge, Geometry Jump Sketchy caters to different player preferences.

  • Rotation and Jump Mechanics: Master the art of rotations and jumps to navigate through the sketchy world successfully. Click on the screen when near an obstacle to make your geometrical shape rotate and jump, avoiding collisions.

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