Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge

42 players

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What is Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge?

Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge is a challenging level featured as the second stage of the Chaos Gauntlet, a series of levels introduced in Update 2.0. Developed by RobTop Games, this level presents players with a variety of assignments, testing their skills and reflexes to the limit. With its intense gameplay and visually striking design, Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge offers a thrilling challenge that will push players to their limits.

Rules of Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge

In Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge, players must navigate through a series of challenging assignments while maintaining precise timing and accuracy. The level features various sections, including ball, cube, UFO, and wave phases, each presenting its own unique challenges. Players must avoid hazards, utilize orbs, pads, and gravity gates, and navigate through flashing platforms to progress through the level. With its double-speed UFO phase and moderate-paced wave section, Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge requires players to stay focused and attentive to overcome its challenges.


Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge is characterized by its dynamic level design and challenging gameplay. From the caution message at the beginning to the mirrored screen direction and double-speed UFO phase, the level offers a variety of obstacles and assignments to keep players engaged and entertained. With its visually stunning design and intense gameplay, Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge provides a thrilling experience that will keep players coming back for more.

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