Geometry Dash Flappy Weird

35 players

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What is Geometry Dash Flappy Weird?

Geometry Dash Flappy Weird stands out as one of only three Flappy Bird levels included in the Geometry Dash level packs, alongside Flappy Hexagon and Flappy UFO. Developed by RobTop Games, this thrilling installment challenges players to navigate through an infinite geometric space, timing their jumps meticulously to avoid colliding with bothersome obstacles. With its dynamic gameplay and addictive mechanics, Geometry Dash Flappy Weird offers a fresh take on the classic Flappy Bird concept, delivering hours of excitement and challenge to players of all skill levels.

Rules of Geometry Dash Flappy Weird

In Geometry Dash Flappy Weird, players must master the art of timing their jumps to perfection to avoid colliding with obstacles. To make the block jump, players simply need to click on the screen; to propel it further, they must hold down the screen. The cube's jump height and distance are determined by the timing of the player's interaction with the screen, making precision and rhythm essential skills for success. As players progress through the game's difficult stages, they will encounter increasingly challenging obstacles, requiring quick reflexes and unwavering focus to overcome.


Geometry Dash Flappy Weird is characterized by its extreme level of challenge and its fast-paced gameplay. Everything in this version of the game is set to an extremely challenging level, including the game's speed and the dangerous hazards that players must navigate. With obstacles surfacing at breakneck speed, players must stay calm under pressure and maintain focus to avoid collisions. Each step taken in the infinite geometric space presents a new challenge, testing players' skills and determination to the fullest.

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