Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter

64 players

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What is Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter?

Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter emerges as a daunting remake of the infamous Nine Circles level, known for its extreme difficulty and relentless challenges. Developed by RedUniverse, this Mad Demon level is revered as one of the hardest in the game, earning its reputation as a true test of skill and perseverance. With its intricate design and unforgiving obstacles, Crimson Clutter pushes players to their limits, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience for those brave enough to tackle its trials.


The rules of Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter are straightforward yet demanding: guide your character—a block—through a series of obstacles with precision and timing. As players navigate through the level, they'll encounter false lines, troll jump rings, jump pads, and gravity gates, each presenting its own unique challenge and requiring cautious piloting to overcome. From navigating as a cube to piloting a ship through fast-paced sequences, players must master a variety of mechanics to progress through Crimson Clutter's daunting landscape.


Crimson Clutter captivates players with its intense gameplay and meticulously crafted design. The level's opening introduces players to a simple cube segment, setting the stage for the challenges to come. As players progress, they'll navigate through a series of increasingly difficult sequences, from piloting a ship through tight spaces to navigating gravity changes and crash-inducing spheres. The level culminates in a thrilling finale, where the ship slows down to half its speed, signaling the end of the journey with RedUniverse's name and the words 'GG.'

To navigate through the level, players can utilize various controls, including mouse clicks, the spacebar, the up arrow, or the W key. Additionally, Crimson Clutter offers multiple modes, including Normal, Practice, and Challenge, each presenting its own set of challenges and requirements for progression.

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