Geometry Dash World

75 players

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What is Geometry Dash World?

Geometry Dash World is a mobile rhythm platformer that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Geometry Dash. In this fast-paced sequel, players guide their vibrant cartoon characters through a series of levels, requiring them to leap over approaching obstacles. The game is designed to be engaging and fun, with charming, simple graphics that add to the overall appeal.

Rules of Game

The primary goal in Geometry Dash World is to guide your character to the end of each level without colliding with any obstacles. A collision triggers a level reset, forcing players to start their run anew. Although the controls are simple, mastering the game proves to be challenging, making it necessary to navigate through countless obstacles with precision and timing. With a bit of practice, levels become more manageable, offering a less frustrating experience compared to the original title.

Game Features

  • Ten Different Levels: Geometry Dash World boasts ten distinct levels, divided between two main worlds—Dashland and Toxic Factory. As players progress through the game, completing levels in sequential order, they unlock subsequent challenges that test their skills and agility.

  • Engaging Graphics: The graphics in Geometry Dash World are charming and simple, providing a visually appealing backdrop to the fast-paced gameplay. The colorful cartoon characters and vibrant environments contribute to the overall fun and excitement.

  • Straightforward Fun: While the game may lack in-depth complexity, Geometry Dash World offers straightforward and enjoyable gameplay. It's the perfect choice for players seeking a quick and entertaining gaming experience without the brain-numbing frustration of its predecessor.

  • Sequential Level Unlocking: To progress through Geometry Dash World, players must complete levels in a consecutive order, unlocking new challenges as they go. This sequential unlocking adds a sense of accomplishment and progression to the gameplay.

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